SPPS concept

Sustainable Phyto-Pump System

Sustainable phyto-pump system (SPPS) is a revolutionary in-situ groundwater remediation approach that effectively and sustainably treats chlorinated solvents in the saturated zone. This low tech but high designed system employs wind power to pump contaminated groundwater to the surface where it is discharged into an artificially created wetland filled with plants and bacteria. Designed for biodegradation, the bacteria and plants degrade and destroy the contaminants leaving behind only clean.

Blueforest Environmental Development (BFED) and Deltares have partnered together to offer this low tech / high design system. BFED will supervise the installation and operation of the system. Deltares is our research and development partner, and will be responsible for designing and adapting the concept to site-specific circumstances.                                      


                                      * Cost effective

                                      * Safe treatment environment

                                      * No energy required

                                      * No waste generated

                                      * Manages contamination rebound

                                      * Creates a natural habitat

                                      * Minimal maintanance

                                      * Accelerated natural attenuation

                                      * Less invasive and destructive

            Cost reduction compared to conventional pump & treat systems

cost conventional-green.png

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